Best social media Slideshare I read – January 2017

I love Slideshare! This is a great platform to find high visual content about anything but also get great knowledge. We all struggle to read a long article but we can all go through slides with icons and images.

In 2017, I will run a regular ‘Best social media Slideshare I read’ to share with you my favourite slideshows. I actually may create some slideshows along the way. Watch this space!

Content Marketing in Australia – 2017

The  has published the fifth annual Content Marketing in Australia: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report.

Key elements

  • Usage & Team organization: 83% of Australian companies use content marketing. Most of them have a small (or one-person) team to produce content across the entire organisation.
  • Clarity, commitment and overall success: 59% are extremely or very committed to content marketing. 71% attribute their organization’s success to a better content creation (higher quality and more efficient). For those which have stagnated in content marketing success, 63% say it’s due a lack of time devoted to content marketing.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: 44% have a documented content marketing strategy. 71% say their strategy includes a plan to operate content marketing as an ongoing business process, not simply a campaign. 48% Say their strategy is extremely or very effective at helping their organization achieve its current content marketing goals.
  • Content creation & Distribution: Almost 70% expect to create more content in 2017. They usually use an average of 8 content marketing tactics and 82% say ‘Social media content’ is being the priority with always or frequently a focus on creating content for their audience. 89% use social promotion to promote content.
  • Goals & Metrics: 72% will focus on engagement as a content marketing goal over the next 12 months. 24% do not measure content marketing ROI throughout the buyer journey phases (51% do measure at the top of the tunnel and 51% do at the end if the funnel). 80% can demonstrate how content marketing has increased audience engagement.
  • Budget & spending: 30% is the average proportion of total marketing budget that is spent on content marketing. 47% plan to increase their content marketing spending over the next 12 months while 42% plan to keep their content marketing spending around the same level over the next 12 months.

Future of Social Messaging is Chat Bots: Social Media Minute

Social media messaging bots are the future. Jan (follow him on Twitter), Founder & Chairman of Socialbakers – one of the world’s largest social analytics firms, goes through some examples of how brands can use social bots.

Note: I know this is a video from April 2016 but this is an introduction video to the ‘social media bots’ topic. He has a great YouTube channel, check it out.


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