The digital and social media worlds are ever changing. For digital marketers, capture data about key indicators is always challenging. We Are Social and Hootsuite have developed a suite of reports that covers global digital dat but specifically for regions. 26 countries are detailed in the ‘ANZ & Pacific’ report.

However, I focus on only Australia and its digital and social media numbers. For all the other reports for free at

Digital 2017 – Australian key indicators

In 2016, the number of active social media users has grown of 14% (2 million) while it has grown of 21% worldwide.


Device usage

Mobile has leading the way – not only in Australia but everywhere else. 50% of the web traffic is through mobile  (+30% versus last year). Desktop web traffic is plummeting (-20% versus last year) with only 45% of the trafic.

Mobile phone
Laptop or desktop
Tablet computer
Wearable Tech Device

Time spend on internet

Daily, Australians use the internet on average:

  • 5h19 min on PC or Tablet
  • 1h36 on mobiles devices
  • 1h39 to check social media via any device

93% of them access the internet every single day for personal reasons.

Online video

Digital 2017 - Online video copy


Over one-third of the Australians watched online videos every day. Australians don’t do differently than others. There is a constant appetite to consume video content.

Social media usage

Millions active social media numbers
Millions accessing via mobile

2.789 billion people on the planet use social media actively every month. Even though Australia is a big country, it’s only less than 1% of the global use (16 million). 65% of Australians are daily active on social media sites (18 points more than the average global index – 37%).

No surprises here if I say Facebook is the most used with 68% daily active visits.

Digital 2017 - Facebook Usage copy

Please go through the full presentation below with more information.

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