5 content marketing tips from Jay Baer I learned

I LOVE Jay Baer! There, I said it! I am spending more time lately listening to, reading about and watching Jay Baer videos.  To me, Jay Baer is a marketing guru.

Here are 5 content marketing tips from Jay Baer I learned.

Customer service and marketing are ‘besties’

Jay is the well-know author of many books about content marketing including the great ‘Hug your Haters – How to embrace complaints and keep your customers‘. The book provides you with strategies to engage with dissatisfied customers using social media.

Apparently, one-third of all customer complaints go unanswered! And customers are now more likely to post feedback online instead of phoning or emailing. Using modern and trendy marketing tools such as Facebook Live provides a platform to communicate with customers and respond to complaints.

Live video has been the biggest social trend in the last 18 months and now seen as customer service tool.

In the following video, Jay uses the example of SouthWest Airlines who suffered a major computer system crash and thousands of customers complained on social media. SouthWest Airlines COO jumped on Facebook Live to interact with and update customers which significantly diffused the situation.

Video size does matter

Ok I hear you. Technically this is not one of the content marketing tips from Jay Baer, BUT, he totally agrees that size DOES matter.

Video Is the Now, but Short-Form Video Is the Future.

Using video to promote brands shows tangible results. It’s not like the latest – copied Snapchat – Instagram product, Instagram Stories, just had 200 million users. Fighting for attention, brands need to understand that audiences do not have time to consume a video over 5 minutes. For instance, according to VidYard, 56% of all videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long.

Shorter is better to engage and retain your viewers.

Getting attention is Mad Max 

Competition for customer attention world-wide is heating up with more and more companies utilising social media marketing. Jay Baer says ‘customer attention is a limited resource and there are an increasing number of people fighting for this attention’.

The state of Content Marketing today is like ‘Mad Max’ – Everybody is fighting over gasoline and water.

How do we compete in this crazy content marketing world? Change the way we craft content. You can’t create content, you have just to be disproportionately good at it. You have to be creative, different and relevant in a timely and topical manner to attract your audience.

The 4 Ways to Fix Your Broken Content Marketing and Social Media – Jay Baer [SSM038]

Less is more

When I say this, I’m not lazy – and Jay isn’t either. Jay and his team at Convince & Convert came up with a great approach to address this issue:

5 x 5 x 5 approach

Most companies have in average five personas, five funnel stage, five funnel stage system: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, advocacy. Each persona has five questions that need be successfully answered in order to move from one funnel stage to the next one. Theoretically, you’d need to produce 125 piece of content. In reality, you will not have 125 because each persona does not have totally distinct questions at every stage of the funnel, and some of the questions may apply at different funnel stages.

You’re going to need to satisfactorily answer 60 customer questions, maybe 70, and be able to do that with content, on your site, in social media and other places.

Influencer Marketing should be part of every marketing mix

Jay describes “Influencer marketing” as modernized version of word of mouth, selectively enhanced by product placement originating from a trusted source (an influencer). Influencers are your friends, your co-workers and celebrities. For brands, influencers already exist and they are more likely to tweet, produce and share your content.

You should be considered influencers with small or big followings in your marketing mix. They can contribute to a winning influencer strategy. For earned or paid campaigns, It’s worth investing the time and effort to nurture long-term benefits.


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