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What people and businesses are doing with social media in Australia

Last month, the Yellow Social Media Report has been released and showed what people and businesses
are doing with social media in Australia.

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With Hootsuite Publisher’s Suggested content is served on a silver plate

What’s wrong with your social media posts? You never find time to either find accurate content or to schedule posts. Hootsuite Publisher’s Suggested is a tool, letting users create an entire week’s publishing schedule based on Hootsuite’s auto-scheduler. Read more


Have you met Mike, consumer of the future?

Have you met Mike? Oh you don’t know him? Ok Mike is the next guy that will buy your products or services with his Iphone in his hand. We is not afraid to share his opinions using his social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook, no matter whether bad or good. He does not trust advertising (damn it for my job) and connect with brands where he feels a real and authentic interaction. Oh and he wants things NOW without waiting. Read more