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Is organic social media dead? [PODCAST]

Is organic social media dead? Not necessarily. 2.6% organic reach in March 2015 still shows so hope for brands. They have been forced to pay Facebook for the kind of reach they once enjoyed for free. Social media platforms, including Facebook, moved from earned media to paid media over the years. Read more


The Rise of Social Media Customer Care [Infographic]

Social Media Customer care is an integral part of every business’s success. Customer service is a way of building a better relationship with your customers, thus increasing the opportunities for a positive impact on sales and customer loyalty. Read more


Social media algorithms 101: Understand Facebook and Instagram to maximize your reach

‘Social media algorithms are against my brand’s content’ that’s what some clients might say. But no, Mark Zuckerberg does not stay awake every night to block some page’s content on both Instagram and Facebook.

If you are creating qualitative content, more followers — and non-followers — are going to see it.
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